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Though this blog has been shifted to the below mentioned link , I would still continue as and when I would get time. I am currently pursuing my MBA at IIT Kanpur in General Management.
My score :
CAT : 97.34 percentile
XAT : 97.99 percentile
SNAP : 81 marks
JMET : 1398 rank
FMS : 234 score Call from Regular

FreeMBAstuff is a very good initiative, please keep in touch. It was started by few individual including individuals who are currently in IIM L , Passed out from IIM K , IIT Kanpur [;)] and Freelancers (preparing for MBA). Everything on FreeMBAstuff is free . I will be appearing for CAT this time as well.

Some information about IIT Kanpur :
I ‘ll tell you both pros and Cons for getting into IIT’s and esp. IIT Kanpur

IIT Kanpur is an awesome place, its the only university in Asia to own an airstrip and guess what you can get to ride an air glider (Small aeroplane)for just rs 120 . And if you manage to complete 20 hrs of flight you become a licenced Air Gliding pilot.
Its has got the best infrastucture in India . Btech grads from IIT K go to IIM’s and say infra there is shit compared to IIT (Dunno how much of that is true, however most Btech prefer abroad). IIT’s all have very good infra but Kanpur is best among the IIT’s.
You get all the facilities at no or very minimal cost as Rs 175/month for the awesome Swimmingpool (Full olympic size), no cost for the lawntennis courts, every hostel is beautifully built and has an awesome canteen,TT,chess,reading,library,computercenter,basketball,main ground and many such facilities.
You might be aware of the ROI Factor which IIT’s have and Kanpur is best in that among IIT’s in that as well. Only 1.5 for the full course . And this factor has driven most of us to IIT Kanpur. When I came here I found most of the students have left colleges like NMIMS and IMT (including me), few have left IIFT (Delhi & Kolkata) , IIT Kharagpur and serveral private colleges to come to IIT .
You get enough fredom to go anywhere anytime like we play football around 12 midnight in football grounds and that is an awesome experience.
Faculty is pretty good too, most of the IIT K Faculty of IME department is currently teaching in IIMs. Eco faculty has left this sem for IIM Calcultta and OR would be leaving after this year to IIM A accounting faculty has left to IIM L . Some have even come back from IIMs to IIT to teach here in the IIT . IIT’s are known as research institutes and that applies for even management. We have proffessors which are among top 2000 intellectuals in the world, Main consultants of IBM .
Yet there are few short comings which can only be removed by student initiative and change of Mindset in IITs. We have very less visibility and magazines like outlook ..etc print out ranking without consulting anyone from our campus , how do they rate us when we dont even participate. IIT K this year had 8.88 as avg package, compared to IIFT 7.55 and IMT 8.08 and one cannot comment on infra or faculty that IIT has . Apart from this IIT Batch is very small 44 student which get placed within 2 hrs or so. Life is pretty cool at IIT if you dont want to study you would stilll pass and get a degree and guess what marks dont matter in palcements and we belive that might not be a strong point for us as we dont grill on people to have knowledge . Colleges like IIMs,MDI,XL have student committees which we dont have and would be started very soon. Next we are at Kanpur so we have lesser industry interface, to recruit 2 people company has to come to kanpur . IIT as a brand , one might look at it as a pretty cool thing to have but not for MBA’s,coz we have not built enough visibility . And MBA is not a department yet, once this gets done, we might just be able to showcase MBA better….to be continued .
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Which Specialization in Management ?

One of the toughest questions which most of the aspirants have though in India the trends suggest that Colleges are proffered above the specialization,but if you are clear in your approach finding which specialization to do might not be that tough task.Most of the aspirants motivated by the high salary packages might have difficulty in judging between specialization and college.
Here is a list of Articles I have written on Freembastuff to help you figure out which specialization you would like to spend rest of your life in.
Marketing Management
Basics:Marketing Management
Career Opportunities:Marketing Management
Operations Management
Introduction:Operations Management
Basics:Operations Management
Career Opportunities:Operations Management

…More to be added soon
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IIT-Kgp Second List – Waiting List !

IIT Kgp has come out with a waiting list this time and for the firstime since 1991,this has been due to the mounting pressure on KGP where last year despite of 120 seats only 88-92 Persons joined,leaving rest vacant.Although 5 students were sent call letters last time this time breaking the barrier IIT has come out with a waiting list.The second waiting list comprises of 98 persons where in according to my expectations the list might reach upto50-60. This is following the last year trend and the fact that most of the students might have paid the fees of their respective colleges by now.
Although the Chances of IIT-K releasing a waiting list seem bleak as more number of calls have been send to people as in for 60 seats 100 call letters have been send.
Check here
Read more on JMET results here>>

CAT 2009: Update !

All of us know that CAT is now online, but there are apprehensions about how CAT would be conducted.
A. Would be an online Test monitored online
B. Would it be Downloaded on Computers then attempted [ Not monitored ]
The CAT is now being outsourced to the USA-based Prometric Services,and there is strong possibility of laying the complete end-to-end responsibility of the CAT to the renowned testing agency that also administers the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) worldwide.
PG[ Pagalguy ] States that the CAT would not exactly be an online test, since its a computer based test , the test would be first downloaded to the computers and then attempted so in that case CAT would not be a hostage to slow speed internet connections.
I have my doubts regarding conducting of CAT,there is a lot of possibility of paper leaking or something that we have seen in IIFT, Invigilators not knowing the instructions or students fooling them.
We’ll have to wait and watch.

Some Fundae: Number System => Remainder System

This is a new section I thought i would add on to this blog,
Often people find Number system as one the most confusing and tough section.
You can find very good questions on freembastuff but here are some examples which might be helpful.

Number System : Remainder Theorem
Three types of solutions for any Remainder problem:
All of us know that remainder run a loop system, i.e a cycle which exactly matches the divisibility cycle.
not going to the basics , consider for example:
53/2^4 which is basically 53/16= rem 3
now what if the problem is
2^1111/17 = 2^3 ( 2^4)^277/17 ( We considered 2^4 because 17 is closest to 2^4 i.e 16 and we get remainder -1 , Why? because as such we know 2^1111 is >>> 17 and the remainder would be +ve, -1 here means 16 but -1^2 =1 and 16^16 /17 = 1 rem both are same thing but -1 keeps things simple)
=>2^3 ( 16)x(16)…./17 = 2^3 (-1)^277/17 =-8/17 or the remainder is 9. [16/17 = -1 remainder or 16 remainder.]

Now above two might be simple one’s third one is the tougher one and based on upper two:

solve 53^111/51

53 is bigger than 51 and 53/51 gives remainder as 2 so 53 ^1111/51 = 2^1111/51
now consider that 51= 3×17
so lets divide 2^1111/51 into two parts

2^1111/3 and 2^1111/17

2^1111/3 = (-1)^1111/3=-1/3=> 2 remainder
2^1111/17= 9 remainder
now the solution to above problem is a number which gives 2 mainder from 3 and 9 remainder from 17
try solving by putting values answer is 26.

Ask your doubts!

IITs Waiting List !

Though IIT’s have never released a waiting list,except IIT Roorkee which has released waiting list since 1998.All other IIT’s have not.

IIT K waiting list?

IIT K waiting list?

Last year IIT Kgp called 5 more persons since the number of persons joining the campus were very less.
Traditionally IIT’s take into account that there would be many people not joining the IIT’s so more number of calls are send to the candidates.
This year IIT K has send calls to about 100 persons for 60 odd seats.But still since the seats which still remain vacant go to waste pool.A lot of queries and demand is there for these seats.
IIT’s argue that they are focussing on quality rather than quantity, so even if seats remain vacant they wont release a waiting list as already calls are send for more number of candidates and if more join they would have to admit more of them.
Should IIT’s Release the waiting list?
What’s Your Take ?

Update: CAT at the end of the Year !

CBT CAT, computer based test CAT might be at the end of this year , maybe December or November,the date is unspecified in the IIM-B stated document.
check out the link here by IIM-B


Start preparing people, already there are speculations that CAT might follow the GMAT pattern, no body knows for sure, how would you solve a DI question in the Test.
Coaching Institutes have prepared themselves.
Career Launcher is starting its Test series by end of this month i.e 30 th April.
The Test series structutre goes like: 6 home and 6 center tests.CL seems to be best prepared for such tests,advice start early to gain maximum experience of such tests. Though i believe CAT this year would be an unprecedented experience.